A brief look out the back seat window, again.

The weather.
The age.
The times.
I am tired
of it all.


Another On Loneliness

Don’t let
scare you.
Eat it.
Drink it.
Consume it.
it’s hand
and walk awhile.
can you hear that?

Reason #1 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

I close my laptop.
Turn off the television.
And check the time.
I will read for twenty minutes.
I don’t make it past the acknowledgements
I open my laptop.

Reason #2 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Elizabeth says I’m happier on the West Coast.
So if her observations are to be correct
I must, at least for the sake of argument
test its soil
drink its water
and observe its stars
2,668 miles from Campo to Manning Park
for 160 nights, give or take
before settling for the East Coast.

Reason #3 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

I’ve done
a ton
of sitting
in my lifetime –
more than I’d like to admit –
and nobody said a word.

The minute
I speak
about walking
nearly 200 days –
admittedly I tend to live in extremes –
everyone has an opinion.

hearing enough
I let them
take their shots –
most of them actually do care –
then lace my boots.

have our reasons
to stay or to go –
for fear, faith, or love
and my reason to stay is going.

Reason #4 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

New York City
loses it’s luster
after a while.

After a while
it becomes
just another city.

Just another city
like the one
I was born.

I was born
in New Haven

is as good or bad
as any other place.

As any other place,
I had to see what else there was
and so I must go, once more.

Reason #5 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

Having smelled

a great number of motel
and hotel pools
chlorine became a staple
of my youth,
so now,
to balance the equation
like higher education
I will indulge
the scent
of natures stream.