Reason #8 of Hiking for the Pacific Crest Trail

The lease is up.

The bed is broke.

The plan is made.

The bills are over paid.

It’s time.





Ourselves as liars.


there are two sides to every story,

sometimes three, four,

most times there are twelve.

It depends,

on who we are, who we’ve been

and who we’re trying to be,

like auditioning for a role.

And it’s easy to say,

that you never tell a lie,

or that I’m always wrong.

If I were to believe that,

if you, are so able to believe that

then, clearly

somebodies a liar.

Vital Weeds.

When you start to look

into other people’s lives

you start to see

whose lives are worth

looking into, and sort of

weed out those

you dabbled in, that turned out

to be nothing more

than forgettable,

nothing more than

vital weeds.