You don’t have to smile

If you’re not smiling today than good.

You don’t have to smile today.

You don’t have to smile tomorrow,

but you will smile again.

And when you do, I’ll be there

telling you I told you so.

And it’s going to be a great time.

It’s going to be better than before.


Sage advice for Ken


it seems

your world is crumbling


is your chance

to start to rebuild.


When someone
or something
is making you
tired and mean
sluggish or obscene
pale, green, or just
downright dead inside
it’s more than a sign
to seek,
alternative grass
that is in fact
in times like these.

There is so much greatness to be had.

There is so much
greatness to be had.
When did you forget that?
My son, if I told you this
would you listen?
I think not, because I didn’t.
So I will wait for you
to figure it out
the only way you know how.
And it’s there
that you will remember
what life was like
before you chose to walk away.

Straight to the point.


your feet

for close to an hour

in hot water


peel back

the skin

flaking, like

skin does


after soaking your foot

in hot water


to an hour,

then write that way.