We’re going to make this better,

for whatever that may mean.

Alone — Separate — Together

Better has many names.


pain and suffering

If all you have learned from pain and suffering, is pain and suffering, you may not have been paying close enough attention. It’s easier than not to be distracted by pain in the midst of true suffering. And true suffering can come and go like an univited guest whom you immediately tell to leave, but pause for a moment. Instead of shunning, try welcoming it. If you can listen long enough, you will understand that all your pain and suffering is valid, and in turn more valuable than a room full of welcome guests. It can teach you many things but first you must learn how to listen and that in itself is yet another form of pain and suffering, one that with patience, and practice, can be somewhat managable. It all just depends on who’s speaking because your pain and suffering is not mine, and mine is not yours, but if you listen closely I believe you’ll see we aren’t so different, we aren’t nearly as alone.

Pillow Talk

Alone, is where

everything makes sense.

It is all the other times

that haunt me!

But I’m sleeping better now,

with a few lone nightmares

tucked under my pillow.

Just in case

I get lost in a dream again.

Just in case

I forget how to wake.

Will you, be there to haunt me?

Or have I just been alone

after all this time?

Whether or not you noticed, partner!

I’m kneeling where I stand.

You’re never completely alone.

Allow me my sadness today.

We can talk tomorrow.

As you walk away, we

die a little more – separate machines.

But take care knowing, if

you decide to speak.

We can talk today.