Another On Loneliness

Don’t let
scare you.
Eat it.
Drink it.
Consume it.
it’s hand
and walk awhile.
can you hear that?


Reason #7 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

I’ve never seen a waterfall.

Well, I have, just nothing memorable.

I’ve never walked through desert.

Well, I have, but that was a Vegas vacation.

I’ve never seen a bear.

Well, I have, but that was on Nat-Geo.

I’ve never seen you smile,
like when you’re in the wild.

And that is reason enough.

Ourselves as liars.


there are two sides to every story,

sometimes three, four,

most times there are twelve.

It depends,

on who we are, who we’ve been

and who we’re trying to be,

like auditioning for a role.

And it’s easy to say,

that you never tell a lie,

or that I’m always wrong.

If I were to believe that,

if you, are so able to believe that

then, clearly

somebodies a liar.