You don’t have to smile

If you’re not smiling today than good.

You don’t have to smile today.

You don’t have to smile tomorrow,

but you will smile again.

And when you do, I’ll be there

telling you I told you so.

And it’s going to be a great time.

It’s going to be better than before.


Bohemian Blue

Scott wouldn’t let me leave

he said

where do you have to go?

Stay, have another

we’re your friends you know.

How much cash you got?

That’s it, no more

21 dollars even

and thanks for being here.

there is war in my heart

There’s a war in my heart

a war in my head

at night as I sleep

at war

in the bed

I’ve made

like the maid

towel swan, chocolates

convincing myself

that this war, it could end

if I only fought, as hard as my bite

perhaps than I could

sleep through the night

with or without, this war in my head

there is war in my heart

that will burn till I’m dead.

between the lines

If nothing else sticks

take solace in that,

life happens—and—you die,

between the lines

there’s simply time.

For what?

Bah! You tell me!


I’ve got to get my watch fixed.

gods walk among us

the living
make the dead

are born
this way

where in
life, they
were men

in death
their spirit, like
shadow puppets

by many hands
to spread the word,

grave men and grave women
only hear in death
because they can’t

listen in life
unable to fathom, that
gods walk among us

all the time.