The Craft

Tears well
followed by
a deep breath,
is a fine art,
and I’m still
after all these years
developing the craft.


Happiness & Love

& Love
the poem.
the poet,
he lived
mourned his loss
then learned to love again.

Off the bright side

It’s either on the wagon
or off the wagon.

There’s really no in between.

Conscious breathing is still hard.

There’s no easy way to fall asleep.

And either way,
tomorrow isn’t looking any brighter.

A cow is a cow is a cow.

I get stomach aches all the time now.
Why now, brown cow?
Reading the Bollard
Ads filled with typo’s
Who writes these things anyhow?
Not I
Not now.
You know, brown cow.
Even I, get stomach aches all the time now.