Reason #1 for Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

I close my laptop.
Turn off the television.
And check the time.
I will read for twenty minutes.
I don’t make it past the acknowledgements
I open my laptop.


The extreme simplification of generalizing the average white American or Make America great again for whom?


If you’re offended than chances are you didn’t get the point.  And that’s probably for good reason as this is an extreme simplification.  Because there are far too many generalizations that until directed at you – at home – don’t seem to matter.


If you think that America was ever great than chances are you were born white and lucky.

Let’s separate the two for convenance.

When I say white, I am referring to the lightness of your skin, rather the skin pigmentation, or further the amount of melanin produced to alter your skin tone darker.

Look it up on Wikipedia, that’s what I did.

And when I say lucky I am referring to the wealth of your parents, also white, who worked hard to raise you and supply you with the so-called, “life they never had.”

Now I understand that this is a huge generalization but for these purposes, I think it will do.

Keep in mind we are living in the era of Alternate Facts.

So for those who chant that epic cry to, “make America great again,” I must ask, when was America so great?

So let’s break this statement down.

To be great is to be markedly superior in character and quality.

This is just one of the many interpretations of the adjective, great, by the Merriam Webster dictionary.

I think we all know what “again” means, so let’s just continue.

The word again – interpreted – in this person’s opinion, is to strive for what we once were and or once had.

So to make America great again would be to return to the past?


And they’ll pitch you the idea that to make America great again is to bring back jobs to the United States.

But does it matter that these jobs will have a negative effect on other people’s lives?

Then they place a ban on those who practice the Muslim religion but for legal reasons don’t call it a Muslim ban but just, a ban.

Ask Rudy Giuliani about this one, he doesn’t even try to hide it.

And they pitch that it’s to “keep out” potential terrorist threats.

My question is, how do you rationalize accusing an entire religion of possibly being terrorist extremist bent on destroying the country when our country already has a terror threat living and breathing within itself already. (i.e. Dylan Roof and any other citizen like him)

For lack of a better analogy, it’s like having cancer and taking Tylenol to cure the disease.

It’s like being tested, diagnosed, and recommended immediate surgery, but taking NyQuil instead.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Or am I talking to myself again?

Our wildest threats are not, as they’d want you to believe – overseas, brown, and hooded – but rather, white, psychotic-citizens, fueled by fear and hatred.

Because the common man is so common that trapped within his commonality, is the inability to love, accept, and learn to appreciate the “differences” of others, that make them(the differences) so individually important, so powerful, and so essential to a growing nation and the continuation of life itself.

It’s kind of like what separates us from animals.

Still, I get the impression that it must feel so good, so great, to be a safe, white, lucky American, that when faced with the possibility of having to deal with the hardships, injustices, and intolerance, that once was, and in some ways still is running rampant across this country, that others have faced because of their skin pigmentation, that you(the white lucky American) just can’t deal with the tables being turned, or rather slightly adjusted(the tables).

So what’s the point – would you allow yourself to grasp the irony?

It’s simple really.

Though chances are, you’re so bent out of shape by now, that you could care less.

And that’s the problem.