forgive me father for I have sinned

Everything is quiet now

in the middle of the day

where misery has settled down

like bricks on my chest lay

and although I can’t make a sound

my voice has gone astray

I will not settle underground

tomorrow I shall wake

to soft sounds of the morning

like loved ones I have lost

reminders that my mourning

is not in vain but just

and in the shadows of my mind

to where I now so lay

forgive me father for I have sinned

relieve me of this day.


souls to bargain

There is so much to live for

and so much we will lose in the process.

My heart aches at the thought of it

so much so that I often dive down

the wishing well in hopes of finding

anything tangible other than this loss.

But it is inevitable.

We will lose everything we touch

and in the end find ourselves

empty handed

at the crossroads

with nothing but our souls to bargain.

My focus is a pinball

There is no





About it

My focus is a pinball





To play.


just because you can get everything

doesn’t mean that you should get everything

because everything

doesn’t really mean everything

when it’s all you’ve got

four walls

At the end of the day

here you are

in a box

with dirty thoughts

tired but unable to sleep

strong but ever so weak

hungry unable to eat

fierce but intolerably meek

crazy isn’t it

how four walls is all it takes

to drive a sane man mad

and a madman sane.